“Photography is one of the way for me to connect with the world.
I’ve been taking pictures for 15 years and still seeking what I can do with my creativity.
I wish I could be a musician. I’ve always wished that I could play guitar or sing well, but I just couldn’t.
Now the camera is my instrument and the writing is my voice. I haven’t given up to become a musician yet.”


Himi Minagawa, an artist and photographer, was born in Niigata-city in Japan in 1975. She studied International Education and Cultures in Tokyo Gakugei University in Tokyo. Later she nurtured her love of visual arts and developed her painting skills with Karen Kaiser, a local artist, in Colorado. She moved to New York in 1999 and pursued Photography as assistant of Eli Ashkenazi, a freelance street photographer. Then she continued her studies in International Center of Photography in Manhattan.

Her first photo exhibit “Anywhere but here-Mexico” was shown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2001. Two years later, her documentary project “Artists in Brooklyn” appeared in Asahi Newspaper, the best circulated paper in Japan.

She was away from photography works for years after she had her first son in 2002 and second son in 2004. She also went through cancer treatment after she was diagnosed with a cervical cancer in 2006.

In summer of 2007, she was invited as a stage photographer at the Latino Cultural Festival in Queens Theatre. Since then Minagawa has been catering to various clients including Wedding Photography and Family Portraits. But her speciality is Children Portrait and also her documentary photography style. In addition, she continues to work on her own art project.

In 2012, she was received Honorable Mention on her fine art photography for IPA International Photography Award.

She lived in New York for 14 years and have moved to Buenos Aires with her family in 2014.


If you are interested in any photo session with her or her works, please contact her for details: himiminagawa@gmail.com


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